Hamtests 2014 Guernsey IOTA Trip

Guernsey (Copyright Colin, MU0FAL)

Guernsey (Copyright Colin, MU0FAL)

A group of HamTests members will gather on Guernsey (EU-114) to take part in the RSGB IOTA Contest during the 26th – 27th July as MU0HTJ operating in the IOTA DXpedition Multi Single, Mix Mode, Low Power category.

This year’s team comprises 2U0TKB, 2U0FER, 2E0SQL, M0GEJ, M0PCB and M0TZO all of whom have taken part in previous years not only in IOTA but other major contests from stations around the world gaining top rankings.

Rejoining the team in Guernsey this year we hope to be able to improve our score by using marginal gains to enhance our not only are station equipment but also operating practices allowing us to maximise output in the way of QSOs and Multipliers in comparison to previous years (See table 1).

Table 1 – Previous Years Results

Dates Category Contacts Multipliers Score Contest Placing
2011 IOTA FIX MS MIX 24H LP 655 112 475,440 #21
2012 IOTA FIX MS MIX 24H LP 1,017 140 1,171,100 #22
2013 IOTA DXPN MS MIX 24H LP 1467 249 2,727,795 #8

Although we’re keen to compete not only against ourselves but also other teams around the world are first aim is to have fun and to promote amateur radio. We look forward to working as many people as possible.

Further Information

More information about HamTests can be found at http://www.hamtests.co.uk & you can follow the trip via the blog http://blog.hamtests.co.uk or via Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/hamtests) & Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/hamtests).

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